Because we are convinced that buying behavior is the key to sustainable consumption, we founded WOOW.CLUB. Using the latest technology and the knowledge of top stylists and makeup artists, we offer you a professional recommendation to create a buying experience tailored to you. Our partner brands have been selected with a focus on the environment and social commitment, so that your next purchase not only draws compliments, but you can also buy the products with a clear conscience.

WOOW.CLUB. is your digital stylist and personal shopper in one.



At the WOOW.CLUB. we combine expert knowledge with artificial intelligence to offer you a truly personalized experience. Based on a unique analysis, you learn more about yourself and what suits your natural appearance and have the opportunity to discover suitable fashion & beauty products in our brand stores.

For the products we show you, we make sure that they are sustainably produced or clean and cruelty free. Our recommendation algorithm pre-sorts the products for you and you can see at a glance which products are recommended and why they are more sustainable.  We show you products that really suit you and not just impersonal inspirations & edits or supposed trends.

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Together with top stylists, we have developed a unique analysis method with which you can find out what really suits you perfectly. Over the years, established methods of professional color & style consulting were further developed and finally digitized by us and thus made accessible to all.

What you previously only learned from professional consultations, you can now learn quickly and easily with our analysis by simply uploading a selfie and answering a few questions. We still have a lot of plans for our analysis and will be able to provide you with even more personalized expert knowledge in the future – from the perfect skin care to recommendations for the right size of a particular item of clothing.

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We are a team of styling/beauty and e-commerce experts. From our shared belief that knowledge is the key to sustainable consumption, the idea for WOOW.CLUB. was born.

Mainly due to the pandemic, more people are reaching for their smartphones to buy everyday products. With our analysis tool and our carefully curated brands, we want to pro-actively give you the information that will allow you to make even more conscious purchasing decisions. If your love for your Woow colors unfolds from this, so much the better 😉