“Black suits everyone!?”

Basically, black is a neutral color just like gray, white, dark blue or brown. Neutral colors can rarely give us that woow effect like our best colors do. Black is special again here because it is the darkest “color” we can wear. This also means that it absorbs light and thus darkens the face. This has the effect of making facial lines look darker and therefore harder. This happens especially with a light to medium dark skin tone.

So if you have blonde to light brown hair, we definitely advise against black. Dark blue or even anthracite is the better choice.


“Black is uncomplicated!?”

Black is often perceived as uncomplicated, because it is a neutral color. But if you really want it to be uncomplicated, then you should build a simple but effective closet system. With the right color system in your closet, where for example two different neutral color directions are used and the rest consists of your Woow colors, everything can be combined with each other without any problems. So if you replace black with gray or navy blue, it will have a super stylish effect on your whole outfit.


“Black makes you slim!?”

For this we have a little brain teaser. You see here 3 cubes in different colors. Which of these 3 cubes is the heaviest in your opinion?



That’s right, the black one. Black makes us look heavier overall.


But what really makes us look slimmer is the effect of light and dark. Everything we want to conceal, we dress darker. What we want to highlight in return, we dress lighter. But the external effect of a black outfit has other factors that are very serious.


All over black is like an everyday armor that isolates us from the outside world. Emotionally, it also gives us a certain protection. Subconsciously, we like to reach for black when we are low on energy in the morning, wake up in a bad mood, or don’t feel completely comfortable in our bodies. We hide behind this color.


But if we want to get in touch with other people, we should reach for color. We always communicate. Also and very much about our appearance.


Do not forget: Color has an absolutely mood-lifting effect. So the next time you’re in a bad mood, quickly put on that sweater in your Woow color. It will give you “good vibes” and a great compliment is already waiting around the next corner.

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